Orlando Part 1


I’ve struggled to put into words the emotions and reactions I’ve had over the last 24 hours. I’m still not fully coherent but to stay silent is to be part of the problem – complacent in the oppression of queer POCs and the LGBTQ+ community as a whole. And I know I need to be thinking more about how I can support my LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters and less about how I’m doing.

So, I’ll make one attempt to get out my frustrations and then I’ll turn my attention to getting a hold of friends.

Here are a few of the initial thoughts that have been going through my mind (no doubt with the help of those on social media)…

  1. Islam is beautiful faith. ISIS is not Islam. The Muslim community is hurting too. Had the WHITE man caught in LA made it to LA pride, I can guarantee you his religion would not even be mentioned.

Tolu’s addition:  Amen. At all. He probably would have had the privilege of being a “troubled” young man with a good headshot and a emo supervillian tragic backstory. I am so glad he was stopped, and I cannot even with this. The Muslim community IS hurting, and Islam is not the one to blame.

  1. Gun violence and regulations. Yes we need to talk about it. But that’s all I’ll say because…
  1. THIS WAS A HATE CRIME. Do not blame it on religion. Do not blame it on guns. This is the result of what years of oppression looks like – of what homophobia looks like. If you are still unconvinced…
  1. Systematic oppression is when right-wing politicians think discrimination of LGBTQ+ folks is up for discussion in their policy and law making (looking at you North Carolina and Mississippi – and that’s just those that made national headlines THIS year).
  1. Systematic oppression is when you can make those laws, not talk about gun regulations and send your #thoughtsandprayers when a mass shooting happens. As an ally, you can take your #thoughtsandprayers and shove it. Because this is your fault. Don’t pretend you had nothing to do with the creation of a society that “others” people, only fueling the fire. And if you need any proof, from the Governor of Texas:

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 6.23.52 AM


  1. Systematic oppression is when the LGBTQ+ community is directly attacked but gay men are not allowed to donate blood to those in their community.

Okay, I’ve said what I needed to say. To process as much as I can at this point in time. I have just one more thing to say:

So to all of those who identify in the LGBTQ+ community: I am with you. I love you.




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